Saturday, 7 September 2013

When I'm start to give, weheee :D


Our life is not forever right, one day all living will die J
In this rainbow soldiers stories, Pak Harfan said that LIVE TO GIVE NOT TO RECEIVE.  Actually, what Pak Harfan try to said ?? yenade Huhu.

Okay, clearly example in this story when Miss muslimah not receive her salary. This means miss muslimah sincerely teaching her students without expecting anything. Every knowledge that she taught to her students, God will reward. If we always help or contribute something to people, Insya-Allah people will always remember what you have done for them. Do something to people as long as we still a life, Give something according to our ability or afford and don't ever ever expect a respond. Give with full of sincerely. hehe
See !!(;D) many benefit you can get if give than receive right, so starting from now let learn how to give than receive. Even you just only can give a little but it’s enough than if you not give anything. #Cukupcukupsudahcukupsampaidisinisaja.. haha
Note: Dear teech, I was done all my entry. So if there any kind of new entry after this ? You give and I will receive. haha #in sarcastic words


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