Tuesday, 22 October 2013

end of semester 3


Gemorning everyone *tarik selimut tidur balik. Haha

Such a long time we are not update this bel blog because we were busy with final exam. But now we are already merdeka! No more class, no more bangun pagi. Haha

Since i did not get a chance to take this picture from maya so, i just screenshot it from her instagram.

Bye friends bye uitm. Hope teech will miss us like we do :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Con Te Partiro


' Time to say goodbye'. First of all, thank you for teaching us throughout this semester. You always give us good tips on how to improve our knowledges and new experiences that we will never forget.

Goodbye my lecturer a.k.a friend
It was not easy to let you go
When you were always in my heart  
My days were full of colours before
But now you just left us with sweet memories
Why was this happened
How could this happened
Even if you have gone 
You’re still in my mind
Goodbye Teech.
Thanks for reading this entry.

Con Te Partiro... :'(

Assalammualaikum....maybe this is our last entry in this blog... is not because we want to leave your all, our readers, but it time to go.. Before that, i'm sure that you will search in google about what the meaning of my title right? hahahah... actually, Con Te Partiro is mean "with you I will leave". First of all, I would like to say thank you to our teech, Mr. Airil because willing to be our lecture for this semester. In deep of my heart, I love all of my friends, my lectures, Uitm and of course to you all, my faithful readers. I want to enjoy my life until my last breath with you guys. But, what can I do, is time now to go. Thanks for everything to you all because give me so many moment that I will not forget and maybe I will story to my future son and grandson about this. Going to Grammar jail, watching movie without any payment, had been served likes a children and so many things that I believe that I will not find it after this. Last but not least, I want to say sorry if I had done any mistake or make you unhappy along with me. To my lecture, Mr. Pit Bulu, hhuhu (just kidding), thanks for everything. "Jasamu dikenang sampai hidup sekali lagi"..hahaha.. I don't want to say goodbye to you all but likes "Pi" said, "but what always hurt the most,is not taking a moment to say goodbye". So, to all of you, see you next time and goodbye. I hope we will see after this. assalammualaikum. :'( 


Con Te Partiro !!!! OPPPPSSS !!!! NOT YET GOOD BYE TEECH !!

HEHEHE.... OH NO !! AM I LATE ??? Well...... im sorry again teech! please read my post teech ! don't close your heart yet hehehe =D yihaaaa... its already the end of the semester and i'm still not good in grammar oh gosh !!! what to do ?? *=*  huhu but don't worry teech, one day i will become a successful person with bombastic grammar !

Dear teech,

Thank you teech for teaching me to be a stronger, smarter person and academically.With your kindness you get my attention. Even though there was a lot of obstacles that i have to faced, i know that you did this to us because of you want to give us success in academic. i never mad at you teech but honestly i feel enjoy having a class with teech. Thank you again teech ! my favorite teacher for acting like a friend, and taking time to show me, Lessons hard to comprehend and lots of other stuff. For all the things you gave me, I can't thank you enough. Its time to say good bye and im gonna miss you teech !!! and also having a bell class with teech class !! you are always be my TEECH !!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING :) 

                                 WITH LOTS OF LOVE, YOUR STUDENT -WANA-

Con Te Partiro


It is really hard for me to post this entry. My head was blank. Don’t know what to write about this entry. My heart does not at peace. I don’t want to leave this weblog. The weblog that has created so many moments between me, my weblog’s friends and you, teech. Teech, can I still post an entry about anything at this blog after this? I really really really don’t want to leave this blog. It is hard for me to say goodbye to you teech. I just want you to know that you are very stylo, funny, smart and naughty lecturer. You are very unique teech. I never find a person like you who are very naughty but very kind on the other side. Sometimes I feel that you are like my father. When I donated my blood that day, you asked oshin and I to go back. I can see in your eyes that you were worried about us. I felt very touched. Thanks teech because care about us =’) I like the moment when we had watched a Laskar Pelangi movie together. Thanks for the peanut, ice cream and the best movie. The moment in the grammar jail, I will remember it forever. Pitbulu. Whenever I heard, read and watch about Pitbull, it will automatically reminds me of you teech. You are our Pitbulu =) I heard that you are continuing your study in phd. Good luck and all the best for you teech. I will remember you as my naughty lecturer that like to bully his students to do so many assignments. Hehe.. Thanks for everything  teech =)

Thanks for reading this entry!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013



Tadaaaa in English is

This is maybe my last post for BEL311.. I'm gonna miss all the beautiful moments that we have shared together in class BEL311.

I'm gonna miss the hell class
I'm gonna miss the grammar jail
I'm gonna miss everything in class BEL311
The most important of course I will miss teech.. (sincerely in the deep of my heart) huhu
Last word from me

I don't want to say 'goodbye' to teech but I want to say  'hye teech' because I don't want to forget you as my TEECH :)


Thursday, 12 September 2013



  First of all, sorry teech for the late post.

  Pak Harfan always said that 'hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya dan bukan menerima sebanyak-banyaknya'. It brings a lot of meaning. In Laskar Pelangi, for example, Ibu Muslimah works very hard to teach her students eventhough she did not receive her salary. For her, education is more important than money because with education, we will earn money. I think we should practice this attitude in our life but will you, teech?  hehe ;)

 Lastly, my advice is, be someone who make it happen and not someone who wonder what happen