Saturday, 7 September 2013

SD Muhammadiyyah is better than other SD

Yes we might say private school is so much better than local school but actually we are wrong perception. even though, in private school they are very discipline students like we can see students in SD school they are wearing school uniform with tidy. Nowadays, image is important ! people will judge by seeing on what we wear. But not all people have money to buy clothes. Like in students in SD Muhammadiyyah school, they don't have money to buy a new clothes. They went to school by wearing shabby clothes with no books hoping that they will learn new things. We can see that they have spirit and not to give up no matter what ! Although they are from families who can not afford but they still send their children to school. And who knows they have a genius student in SD Muhammadiyyah and his name is Lintang who can calculate mathematics without using calculator as we can say don't judge book by its cover. So i think SD Muhammadiyyah is better than others SD.


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