Saturday, 7 September 2013


                                        ASSALAMUALAIKUM, GOOD  EVENING :)

SD muhammadiyah is better than other SD school because for me even SD muhammadiyah do not have good facility than other SD but they don’t mind. What they want is to learn. SD Muhammadiyah was built since for a long time ago and they tried to maintain even other people look down to them. Pak Harfan and Miss Muslimah pity for the children who want to learn even they just have 10 students and two teacher, they very proud to have them. This is an opportunity for them to have a great future. Miss Muslimah sincerely teaches her students even delayed payment of wages. This shows that to learn we not only need a good facility but must have a passion to learn.  Even their school not as other school but their students is more intelligence that other SD schools.

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