Friday, 30 August 2013


My favourite character in rainbow soldiers is Lintang. Why?

       I like Lintang character because even he was born in poor family, he never give up to learn. He is the first person who comes to SD Muhammadiyah to have an education. He loves to read; when he found a newspaper he will take and read it. He always help his father when he has a free time. He is a responsible brother, he taken care his sister when his father go to work. Every day he needs to go along the road by his big bicycle and at the same time crocodile will cross the road, he patiently wait until the crocodile enter the river. He never yearns with what he needs to face. He is a clever person, he won in Scholarship Tournament. When his father died at the sea, he needs to look for his sister by himself so he did not go to school anymore. Whatever problems that happen in his life, his spirit never died. Hold on to your belief, need strong to success and don’t give up when challenge come out like LINTANG


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