Friday, 30 August 2013



          About Ikal first loves. For me, we can love many people but too fall in love with somebody it not easy, people said when we fall in love even we just meet at the first time, it make heart beat
faster like loop doop loop doop.. haha. Sometime it great and sometimes it too pain. Same goes to Ikal, Ikal too young when he falls in love with A Ling. He falls in love with A Ling when at the first time he goes to buy a chalk. Ikal just saw A Ling fingernail when A Ling give him a chalk. See, just saw fingernail Ikal can fall in loves with someone. Love come in many way, every person has their own way.. aisehhhhh ( cheek turn to red already) :D. Even Ikal feeling down when A Ling has move to Jakarta. It does not bother him to success in his life. Ikal get scholarship to France for him to have a bright future.



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