Sunday, 25 August 2013

Grammar Prison

Hello everyone..

Have you heard about the grammar prison? I'm  pretty sure that you haven't heard it before.. Even Mr. Google didn't have any idea about it.. hehehe..  Ok, actually, grammar prison was created by my cool teech for those who have grammar mistakes in writing essays.

I have experienced been there... It was a chance once in a lifetime.. To be honest, I was super duper enjoyed staying there and I would be very happy if I could stay there for the rest of my life.. huhuhu.. In the prison, I spent my time wisely by chatting, taking pictures and seeing safwanahs' "gelabahness".

I hope teech will do this again and I'll volunteer to be the first person  who enter the prison.. hahaha..


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  1. As salam and good morning,

    Note to self. This is the last entry for this group. Checked on August 26th, Monday - AM.