Sunday, 25 August 2013

Happy Aidilfitri

First of all, sorry teech for the late post.. :)

Ok, now it comes about my raya celebration. Actually,my hari raya celebration was fun but there was nothing special to talk about.. It's same like others. Playing firecrackers, praying at the mosque,visiting relatives, eating, eating and keep eating... hahaha..

Owwhh,, before I forget, during hari raya, there was something that messed me up, where ever I go, people keep asking " kamu sekolah tingkatan berapa"? Huhh,,,what an annoying question. I was really really tired to answer that question. I'm 19, u know.. Do I look like a school student? or do I look too adorable? until this moment I still cant find the answer.. hehehe..

That's all about my hari raya celebration.. Once again, Happy Aidilfitri. Have a nice day..


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