Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Con Te Partiro


It is really hard for me to post this entry. My head was blank. Don’t know what to write about this entry. My heart does not at peace. I don’t want to leave this weblog. The weblog that has created so many moments between me, my weblog’s friends and you, teech. Teech, can I still post an entry about anything at this blog after this? I really really really don’t want to leave this blog. It is hard for me to say goodbye to you teech. I just want you to know that you are very stylo, funny, smart and naughty lecturer. You are very unique teech. I never find a person like you who are very naughty but very kind on the other side. Sometimes I feel that you are like my father. When I donated my blood that day, you asked oshin and I to go back. I can see in your eyes that you were worried about us. I felt very touched. Thanks teech because care about us =’) I like the moment when we had watched a Laskar Pelangi movie together. Thanks for the peanut, ice cream and the best movie. The moment in the grammar jail, I will remember it forever. Pitbulu. Whenever I heard, read and watch about Pitbull, it will automatically reminds me of you teech. You are our Pitbulu =) I heard that you are continuing your study in phd. Good luck and all the best for you teech. I will remember you as my naughty lecturer that like to bully his students to do so many assignments. Hehe.. Thanks for everything  teech =)

Thanks for reading this entry!


  1. Awww your entry touch my heart. Till I wanna to cry. I agree with you that Teech is a caring person even Teech always bully us. yeeehaaaa!

  2. what a heart touching post. okay okay my eyes are full of tears. dont wanna cry huwarghhh. another great post from you dear friend. juju, lets continue to make our weblog alive okay? we never know, that teech might be reading our blog, at 2am or 3 or perhaps 4am, although he is not teaching us anymore. kay? shall we?

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  5. yaa teech you are the only one our pitbulu.. miahaha

    -kak yana

  6. air mata mngalir :'( . saidatina !!!! i'm so touch read your entry .
    adat perkenalan ada perpisahan . may Allah bless u teech @ pinbulu


  7. pinbulu? hahaha.. what's that?

  8. mira, please don't be typo here. hehe..
    i wrote this entry sincerely from my heart.
    teech, thanks once again =)

  9. I'm crying after reading your post, i'm touched! teech u should be grateful for having students like us because we are grateful to have a lecturer like you, one of the kind (:


  10. "I really really really don’t want to leave this blog..."

    BY ALL MEANS, continue writing dearest Saidatina.

    And keep on giving blood. You are so brave like my younger brother. I am so scared of needles ;-(

    Remember, PITBULU 4EVA :o)