Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Con Te Partiro


' Time to say goodbye'. First of all, thank you for teaching us throughout this semester. You always give us good tips on how to improve our knowledges and new experiences that we will never forget.

Goodbye my lecturer a.k.a friend
It was not easy to let you go
When you were always in my heart  
My days were full of colours before
But now you just left us with sweet memories
Why was this happened
How could this happened
Even if you have gone 
You’re still in my mind
Goodbye Teech.
Thanks for reading this entry.


  1. Interesting poem, pandai berkarya rupanya daniel.

  2. Actually this is a song entitled 'Selamat Tinggal'. I just translate it. Like farid did in class before.

  3. yemboyy~ it will be fun to watch daniel perform sing a selamat tinggal song. haha

  4. yeah. even he got no hair but he like our friend. and truly we gonna miss this crazy friend

    - Wanie H-

  5. hope you can sing this song on this Thursday..(last class for bel 311)


  6. Yeaaahhh daniel you must sing this song tomorrow. WAJIB!

  7. Thank you for working hard with Maya on such a difficult topic, Mr Dan.

    All the best to you. Always.

    1. yeah.. it was a really really difficult topic. thank god we managed to complete that report.. anyway, tq teech :)

  8. wow... daniel will song! go go go !
    Mr. superStar

  9. woahhh... what's going on? I can't sing and I will not going to sing tomorrow. :p

  10. yeah teech,I will miss you because you are different with others.for me when at the end of semester,free from lecturers and classes are the best moments ever.but you not same.thanks teech us.we gonna miss you