Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Rainbow Troops la -ali-

assalammualaikum to all of u. first of all, thx to our teech bcoz give us this best assignment. After we all had done watched the 'laskar pelangi' movie at our class, I believe that all of my classmate will agree with me that the best character in this movie is the headmaster, Pak Harfan. I had choose Pak Harfan because he is a good person. Even thought he know that his students do not get good education likes other school, but every each things that he say and give for the school and his students make me realise that how important the education for him that he want all of the poor children get it. Besides that, the best words that he say, ‘ilmu bukan terletak pada hasil keputusan ujian tetapi terletak pada hati, apa yang dipelajari oleh anak- anak di sini’ (cannot remember the actual words). So, it gives us as students that study at tertiary stage to be grateful and appreciate what we had got today.

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