Sunday, 1 September 2013

sweet love -ali-


Ikal’s first love in ‘laskar pelangi’..?of course la the best beautiful fingernail ever, ah funny about this love...Because of fingernail, he fall in love with ah ling. Besides that, their scene was really fun. I’m so curious where the lotus came from?the lotus from the sky. but this is the most funny scene. It was really good that if we can make our first love as our last love right?like ikal, even thought he had be a sucessful students that get scholarship t continue his study, he still remember and faithful with ah long even thought he had not seen ah ling so long. Last but not least, scene between ikal and ah ling is the most happy scene in ‘laskar pelangi’ movie.


  1. i think it is A Ling not Ah Ling or ah long..check it against ali...-fasihah-

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