Sunday, 4 August 2013

Body Paragraph 1, Edit 02

Submitted to : Mr. Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan
Submitted by : Ali & Fasihah
Submitted on : August 1st, 2013



       When talking about early marriage, people will have various perspectives on it. Some of them will agree with this issue and the rest might disagree with it. Therefore, there are small debates about this issue from the both parties like in Picture 1.
Picture 1 : Debate from different parties.
Before we talk further about early marriage, let us take a look at marriages generally. A marriage is “a purposeful contract for obtaining and possessing enjoyment” (Kharofa, 2004, p. 25). On the other hand, early marriage is a marriage between man and woman at an early age. As a citizen, “we need to understand the cultural- religious issues first to clear the misperception that child marriage is supposedly sactioned by Islam” (Ahmad, 2013, p. 22). Early marriage are already practice in this modern life. Based on the law in Malaysia, “a female who has attained the age 16 years may be married by authorization by license granted by the Chief Minister” (Pillai, 2009, p. 46). Besides that, “in most coutries the proportion of girls aged 15- 19 who are married is lower than the proportion of women aged 20- 24 who were married by age 18” (UNICEF, 2005, p. 12).
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