Saturday, 7 September 2013

SD Muhammadiyyah is better than teech's school

Assalamualaikum orang kampung

SD Muhammadiyyah is a best ever school for teech I think. If not, he won't asked us to update entry about this school. Is it right teech? Haha.. I also believe that SD Muhammadiyyah is better than the other SD. This is because the teachers and students there are very unique in their own way. Eventhough this school only have 10 students for the 5 years but they still continuing their learning without hopelessless. Their willingness to study is limitless. They only use stick to do calculation. They only use a small desk to learn. But, it is not a barrier for them to learn. We need to use our brain to study not a special equipment. SD Muhammadiyyah has proven that eventhough their school is not sophisticated like other school, but their students is smarter than others. 



  1. haha yembbooiii.. SD muhammadiyyah better than teech school :D

    1. yemboyyy, better than bella's school also. ahha