Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ikal's First Love

Hi everyone

  What I think of Ikal's first love? I think his first love does not make sense. How can Ikal fall in love with A Ling by just seeing A Ling's fingernails? However, as some said, nothing is impossible when it comes about love. Love comes in many ways and no one can avoid it. Ikal was crazily in love with A Ling. He did everything even it was dumb in order to meet A Ling. For example, he finished up the chalks in a short time and volunteer to buy a new one. Unfortunately, one day when he arrived at the shop, A Ling was not there. She had moved to Jakarta. Ikal was very sad and it clearly shows their true love. Although he was sad, life must go on and Ikal had succeed in his life.



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