Sunday, 1 September 2013

~First Love~

In my opinion about ikal’s first love is amazing because for the first time he fell in love with ah ling’s hand. How lucky I am if I can get like ikal’s heart just by seeing the hand is already catch to the heart. People always said that when we have met our first love, your senses become alive as you fall in love for the first time. You're not even thinking of the possibility that you may break up because that has never happened to you before. Just like ikal met his first love. He was like madly in loved. You may feel the pain if your first love is fly away and you will keep on going thinking about your love. This situation is just exactly happened to Ikal. Although Ah ling went to Jakarta, ikal always remembered about Ah Ling until he grew up.

~with loves~

                                                                                                                        by wana =)

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