Thursday, 1 August 2013

Introduction edit 04

Submitted to : A H M A, tutor
Submitted by : Wana & Oshin
Submitted on : July 30th, 2013

by : Rosli, S. & Jaafar, N. F.

Fashion can be defined as something that is you own or wear that is considered new or different, and to make other people notice you. As usual, women and fashion cannot be separated because it shows that the image of high confidence and pride to become a woman. This is why fashion needs to be the best “style with the prettiest summer dresses in black and white chiffon. [With] touches of lace and patent leather to keep it sweet yet sexy” (BluInc, 2013, p. 114). Every woman has their own sense about their style. For instance, they can “play with multiple colours in a single outfit” (BluInc, 2013, p. 40). However, did they know how to choose and wear a cloth that will make them attractive?  Is there a perfect dressing that will reflect their personality? So many things that women have to know to become expert in fashion. Here are three tips for all women about this matter.     (160words)


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