Friday, 2 August 2013

Introduction edit 04


Submitted to : Mr. Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
Submitted by : Hanani (lejen) & Nabilah
Submitted on : July 30th, 2013

                                              By : Miss Munawir, N. H.
                                                     Miss Ghouse, H. N. M.

It is not easy to design clothes, Bullis (2000) writes that, "fashion is to shape or make something using your hands or only a few tools" (p. 4). Usually, to create garments, fashion designers must form ideas and then convey it through drawing by using marker. Lately, we could see that many Malaysian designers use their skills to generate and develop ideas of fashion garments. This indicates that sooner or later, fashion will become more popular at a particular time and we need the designers' services to make people look in different from one individual to others. Furthermore, as fashion designers, they should think creatively and "will use their sense of style and flair for the original to design clothes and accessories for production and sale" (Gallanis, 2010, p. 17). Even they are in the same career as fashion designers but they have their own story. There are three well-known names of fashion designers in Malaysia; they are Datuk Rizalman Ibrahim, Amir Luqman and AzuraAzwa.

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