Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Our Special Entry: Welcome to Bambams' Blog =)


Bonjour, Bienvenue dans mon monde.

This blog is created specifically for writing. Feel free to share ideas and hopefully, it is useful to you as well as for me.

BEL311 = A+. Best of luck =)

-Daniel a.k.a big boss of the bambams-


  1. As salam, I think this weblog is cool. I especially like that guy in YELLOW. He looks like he's gay though. Is he??? MUAH HA HA!!!

    GOOD JOB. Keep the posts coming as all of you learn more about academic writing AND make your writings PERFECT-O :-)


    This weblog is part of BEL 311 - Academic Writing prep, a course taught at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Seri Iskandar Campus, Malaysia.

    It is meant to support the learners of this course for this particular group, in this current semester in 2013.

    This weblog does not in any way reflect the policies and current state of thinking of the said institution.

  3. that guy in yellow is Norman Hakim's clon sir. haha